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How Sports Teams Should Use Social Media?

Social media is obviously important these days and everyone is counting on Twitter and Facebook for their social interactions. Smart mobile devices could put a good deal of information in our hand, nearly as fast as it happen. As a result, social media could also be used for sports-related purposes. Many sports fans want to get information on long-awaited games right away. A good way to make this happen is by distributing information through online sources. Any sports team could benefit from proper uses of social media marketing. Fans will be grateful when they could direct information. If properly used, social media could bring people closer to the games, instead of keeping them away. The advances of digital technology are bringing people closer and closer to things related to sports. People who are reading latest tweets from sports team could get information faster than from traditional media outlets. They could become part of the action, without being present in the stadium.

Using social media for sports-related activities shouldn’t be difficult. The first we need to is to find someone who can be in charge of the entire. The person should be comfortable with using social media technology and its related devices. Amateur teams will need a volunteer, but a professional team could need multiple employees who focus entirely on social media management and engagement. There are dozens of possible social media services to use, but in any case, it is better to focus on the big three, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook is a highly versatile platform that can be used by people of all ages. Sports team could create an account to create pages and groups. Once pages are created, the team should encourage supporters to “Like” it. They should also be encouraged to send out suggestions to their friends. It won’t take long before the team gets a large number of followers. However, we shouldn’t overdo it, it is a bad idea to spam followers with repeated messages with similar content.

Twitter is the next website that we need to focus on. It is essentially a platform to provide continuous updates through a single sentence at a time, instead of a whole article. Twitter is useful when we want to update followers with latest information, such as scores and other details. It is also possible to add pictures about the game.

Although Facebook allows us to upload videos, it isn’t optimized for video-viewing. YouTube is useful if we want to publish short clips or even a whole match. Other than showing highlights of the game, we could also provide videos of practice sessions and interviews with players. These three social platforms can be integrated. As an example, we could show YouTube videos on Facebook pages or copy YouTube link on Twitter. Although we can keep clips short to keep supporters wanting more, it is also a good idea to keep them happy by publishing hour-long recording of previous matches.

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