How To Bring Senior Citizens Closer To The Digital World

In our growing world, we all are more connected than ever through the internet and social media platforms. If anyone is connected to this world, then they miss out on a lot that happens such as social connectivity, social groups, up to date trends and news, etc. The reality of the situation is that the elderly do not befit as much as youngsters from the digital world.

This divide or gap between the older and younger generations can be bridged by helping the seniors use some devices. Some senior-focused devices make it easier for them to connect to the digital world. Sirona.TV is a set-top box that allows greater connectivity, health facilities, safety facilities, and entertainment for the elderly with an added microphone voice input and remote-control interface.

This type of TV has different versions such as Sirona Connect, Sirona Safety, Sirona Health, and Sirona AIP and you can pick the one most suitable for you according to its specifications.

Apart from this, there are other devices such as Jitterbug Smart 2, a smartphone designed for the elderly, and Grandpad which is a tablet for them. These three types of technology may be beneficial for the elderly but we will see which one is the most beneficial.

  • Tablet

Tablets are larger making it easier to use. However, they are not portable. These tablets are also not flexible because they have been locked to the network of the service provider, making it unable to connect to other wireless network providers. Furthermore, the elderly may not be familiar with the workings of these tablets such as their operating system, typing, etc.

  • Smartphone

Devices such as Jitterbug 2 are a smartphone for seniors because it is designed according to their behaviors and needs. They also provide health and safety benefits. However, these phones are locked into the networks of the provider and are not flexible to work with the wireless service providers. This increases the monthly costs significantly. Furthermore, the smaller size makes it difficult to use.

  • Smart TV

Smart TV is the largest which makes it the most suitable for the elderly population in which the majority of them have vision problems. Furthermore, TVs are technological equipment that they have familiarized themselves with for many years so it provides the easiest user interface making use of the remote control. They also have speech-to-text input which makes it more convenient as the elders will not need to learn to type.

Features of TV

The basic features of TVs with this type of set-top box are family albums, music videos, movies, games, weather, and contacts.

  • Communication: For greater communication, there are options for phone calls, video calls, texts, and notifications.
  • Voice companion: The device acts as a friend by giving personal reminders, companionship, and even question and answers.
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Medication reminder


Amongst the three types of devices mentioned that can be used to bring the older generation closer to technology, the TV and the set-top box mentioned above seems like the most feasible option. It provides extra features than the other options and caters to every need of the elderly.

Web Design

3 Tips for Making a Business Logo Design

If you think about it, running a business is like dating. You’re trying to attract your target customers and let them fall in love with your brand. In this sense, consider your logo as the picture of your dating profile. It’s the first thing someone’s going to see and make them interested in learning more about you.

It will play a crucial role in how people will perceive your brand. So, you’ll naturally want it to be outstanding. But, this isn’t simple to pull off. There are different factors you need to consider. Don’t fret, though! This handy guide will help you with the essential things youshould learn to design a logo for your company.

Define Your Brand Identity

You’d want your logo to convey your brand’s overall personality. But, to do that, you should understand what your business is at its core. After you get a clear idea of what makes it stand out from the rest, it’ll be much easier to pick design choices that will complete the bigger picture.

First, you need to understand why you started your business in the first place. After that, establish all the values you wish to uphold as a company. Lastly, you should know what will set you apart from the competition. The factor that makes you special. It’s crucial that you’re aware of this since it’ll be much easier to communicate this to your target market.

Find Inspiration

With the plethora of options you can pick, it’ll be hard to make a logo from scratch. Luckily, you can also look for inspiration. Start brainstorming. A proper session can be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing to pinpoint what you really want.

Try not to overthink things because brainstorming is about letting all of your ideas out and writing them down. Even if you assume they’re bad ones, go for it because it can start a conversation. You should also consider what you think your audiences will like since it’s really for them. Get everyone involved too. Diversity of perspectives will make the magic happen.

Check Out the Competition

Another great way to figure out what you need to do is by checking out the competition. Do your research on established brands to see what works and what doesn’t. While doing this, think of what makes them different and how you can emphasize this difference from yours.

Be sure that you clearly set yourself apart from the competition. To give you an idea, if many are going monochrome, use one that has color to standout. When everyone has a traditional look, opt for a modern logo to attract attention.

These are just some tipsyou should consider following when starting your designing process. To make things easier, it’s best to hire reliable logo design services so you can focus more on other essential parts of running the business.


Why Your Business Needs To Choose Recycle Custom Gift Bags?

The success of your business depends on a huge client base for employees to business partners or shareholders. Every prospect you connect with, family members that support you or the vendor you transact with along the journey are small parts of the entire puzzle. At some point, you too can ensure to make them feel special. It is crucial to retain their support.

Fortunately, with recycle gift bags, you can convey your ‘Thank You’ in an eco-friendly way. You can simultaneously benefit from the extra brand impression. Sounds greedy? It doesn’t. The loyal customers, vendors or employees desire your brand to succeed just like you, which has made them stay committed.

You can retain their good feelings offering custom recycle bags filled with goodies. Besides, it creates a buzz and enables you to distribute more gift bags.

Why choose recycle gift bags instead of baskets?

Baskets are used to stack blankets or if the client desires to use it for Easter. Many drawbacks work against choosing gift bags like they don’t fold small. You can take them for grocery shopping. They need space in the room. Even smaller ones ultimately end up in landfills or donation centers.

Recycle bags are extremely eco-friendly. You cannot just avoid basket problems or other waste products from ending in landfills using recycle bags. Plastic is a worldwide issue and paper is not as eco-friendly as you may think. Reusable bags are an excellent option to avoid the planet from getting submerged under piles of waste.

Reusable grocery bags play a huge role in branding

Besides an eco-friendly option, reusable grocery bags also help in branding. Branded bags are the most-viewed and effective advertisement vehicles. For example, radio generates 17, billboard 500, newspaper 34, prime cables 200, shirts 200, and calendars 333 impressions per dollar.

On the other hand, reusable bags generate 1000 impressions because of its portable nature. Besides, their aesthetic appeal, usefulness, and durability are an appealing feature that places them on the radar of the people when they travel from stores to school or to enjoy a picnic in the park or visit the gym or take lunchbox.

What goodies to fill in the recycle bags?

Your business determines the goodies to place in the basket. For example, winemakers can choose to involve a few best bottles in wine bags with partitions for extra safety. You can be creative and add a branded umbrella in the narrow compartment.

If it is a grocery store them you can place the best dry goods but keep the cost in mind. Bakery goods are excellent fillers as the cost is kept low with bulk baking and everyone adores sweets. The gift bags will be a crowd-pleaser. You can add popcorn or cookies or pretzels or nuts.

Who to give recycle gift bags?

  • Customers & clients
  • Business partners
  • Prospects
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Raffle winners of trade show
  • Family & friends

If the gift bag distribution is for the first time, choose small groups. For example, thank employees after a huge sales quarter. After you get an idea, expand to other VIPs and stakeholders.

Custom Earth Promos specialize in manufacturing reusable custom bags. Just contact them for guidance through the process of choosing bag shapes, types, colors, etc. that can complement your business.


What Kind Of Benefits Does Cloud Computing Provide

Cloud computing has been a popular computing service for the past two decades. Cloud computing provides business efficiencies, competitive advantages, and cost benefits. In this digital world, it has become increasingly hard for individuals and companies to keep all their important information and systems running on local physical computer servers.

Cloud computing works similar to web-based email clients where you can access your files and features of the system without having to keep large amounts of servers to store all of the data. Some common cloud computing services we use are Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are thinking of upgrading your business model by relying on cloud computing then you can seek professional help. Romexsoft is a Ukrainian cloud and software engineering service providing company. They assist you in cloud application development using the Java programming language.  They provide you with a team of certified developers, testers, architects, SysOps and DevOps engineers who will work with you to help you meet your goals.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The following are some reasons why cloud computing is a better option in comparison to the traditional use of servers.

  • Cost Saving: Accessing your files and data on a cloud server is easy which removes any additional costs. Furthermore, it has a pay-as-you-go system where you pay only for features that you need such as added data storage space.
  • Security: Your cloud-based system is carefully monitored by your cloud host, which is more efficient than your in-house security system. The cloud has additional security by the encryption of data that is being shared through various networks and stored in databases. The encryption makes data less accessible and only accessible to authorized to specific personnel.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based services are more flexible as they can adapt to changes immediately. Any updates such as an increase in bandwidth can be changed instantly instead of going through any complex method to update your system.
  • Mobility: Cloud computing allows you to access your data via any kind of devices such as smartphones and laptops. You can access it through any part of the world, making it convenient for frequent travelers and freelance employees.
  • Insight: Cloud-based storage solutions provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your data which can help you in analyzing past and future trends. You can increase your efficiency and build plans to meet future goals.
  • Increased collaboration: If you need a team to be working on any project then cloud computing helps the team members access the same data and information from any location. They can simultaneously work on the same project from different places.
  • Quality control: In a cloud-based system, all the data is stored in one place and in one format. Furthermore, files that are accessible by anyone can be checked by anyone to prevent any error and make any kind of updates.
  • Disaster recovery: In comparison to local servers, cloud-based services provide fast data recovery in a crisis situation within four hours or less.


The above-mentioned points show why updating your company’s IT system to cloud-based systems can be beneficial for you. However, make sure you get professional consultation and help to fulfill your needs.