Why Your Business Needs To Choose Recycle Custom Gift Bags?

The success of your business depends on a huge client base for employees to business partners or shareholders. Every prospect you connect with, family members that support you or the vendor you transact with along the journey are small parts of the entire puzzle. At some point, you too can ensure to make them feel special. It is crucial to retain their support.

Fortunately, with recycle gift bags, you can convey your ‘Thank You’ in an eco-friendly way. You can simultaneously benefit from the extra brand impression. Sounds greedy? It doesn’t. The loyal customers, vendors or employees desire your brand to succeed just like you, which has made them stay committed.

You can retain their good feelings offering custom recycle bags filled with goodies. Besides, it creates a buzz and enables you to distribute more gift bags.

Why choose recycle gift bags instead of baskets?

Baskets are used to stack blankets or if the client desires to use it for Easter. Many drawbacks work against choosing gift bags like they don’t fold small. You can take them for grocery shopping. They need space in the room. Even smaller ones ultimately end up in landfills or donation centers.

Recycle bags are extremely eco-friendly. You cannot just avoid basket problems or other waste products from ending in landfills using recycle bags. Plastic is a worldwide issue and paper is not as eco-friendly as you may think. Reusable bags are an excellent option to avoid the planet from getting submerged under piles of waste.

Reusable grocery bags play a huge role in branding

Besides an eco-friendly option, reusable grocery bags also help in branding. Branded bags are the most-viewed and effective advertisement vehicles. For example, radio generates 17, billboard 500, newspaper 34, prime cables 200, shirts 200, and calendars 333 impressions per dollar.

On the other hand, reusable bags generate 1000 impressions because of its portable nature. Besides, their aesthetic appeal, usefulness, and durability are an appealing feature that places them on the radar of the people when they travel from stores to school or to enjoy a picnic in the park or visit the gym or take lunchbox.

What goodies to fill in the recycle bags?

Your business determines the goodies to place in the basket. For example, winemakers can choose to involve a few best bottles in wine bags with partitions for extra safety. You can be creative and add a branded umbrella in the narrow compartment.

If it is a grocery store them you can place the best dry goods but keep the cost in mind. Bakery goods are excellent fillers as the cost is kept low with bulk baking and everyone adores sweets. The gift bags will be a crowd-pleaser. You can add popcorn or cookies or pretzels or nuts.

Who to give recycle gift bags?

  • Customers & clients
  • Business partners
  • Prospects
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Raffle winners of trade show
  • Family & friends

If the gift bag distribution is for the first time, choose small groups. For example, thank employees after a huge sales quarter. After you get an idea, expand to other VIPs and stakeholders.

Custom Earth Promos specialize in manufacturing reusable custom bags. Just contact them for guidance through the process of choosing bag shapes, types, colors, etc. that can complement your business.

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