Backlog Management Issues and Tips to Keep It Lean

The backlog management process allows the project manager to add, adjust, nurture, and prioritize the backlog items. It ensures that the result offers customer satisfaction. In Agile technology, the backlog is the key tool that helps in project management and prediction.

A lengthy backlog causes frustration because it has lots of information, which is irrelevant and unmanageable. Therefore, it ultimately gets abandoned. Teams will recourse through a volatile sprint planning structure, which will make them lose vision of long-term goals. They will end-up in the task-focused environment. It is easy to think of what is to be done now instead of what needs to be achieved shortly.

Issues caused by an excessive lengthy backlog

  • Maintenance cost – Queues lead to blindness as it appears to be an insurmountable task. Therefore, the entire fat backlog becomes outdated.
  • Value reduction – Backlog with thousands of items becomes insignificant. A big backlog feels like a trash bin. All the work needs to be done but it never does.
  • Inhibited innovation – Reorganizing a lengthy backlog is a chore. Innovative ideas get added in the end or front of the backlog. Adding in front means the whole backlog is invalidated, which at the end means they will not get done.

Backlog management is necessary for accelerating project success. PlanStreet offers a scalable backlog board in Agile. The Kanban board allows users to see their existing and future sprints in sequential order.

How to improve backlog size?

Appoint only one person to take responsibility for the backlog of an only-one team and external stakeholders. The person has to be familiar with the project as well as the power to take decisions related to their assigned backlog without consulting others.

Create a realistic strategy

Create a strategy on backlog management and remember to include your team in the process. Every team member needs to contribute and consistently take part in the process to keep the backlog fresh. The backlog is the roadmap and vision of the project, which everyone needs to be familiar with.

Even use online Gantt chart software to collaborate with everyone involved in the project. It is a tool that offers transparency and clarity among team members.

Make decisions

Contain yourself from adding every idea that pops in your mind on the Scrum board. Ponder on it for more than a week and if still, you find it worthy add it to the backlog. Even consider one in and one out practice, when you find you are nearing the task-in-progress limitation setting. It is hard to remove items but having the capability is a crucial trait for project managers.

Work with age-limit funnel

Project and team backlog can be categorized into several phases or sections, where the limit set for task-in-progress is hard to implement as the time gets closer. A simple way is to dedicate one backlog section to new ideas, whereas the other portion to ideas that are thoroughly groomed and constrained in size.

The new ideas must have an age limit, so those that don’t get prioritized can vanish overtime without swamping this section. When ideas get transferred to the groomed section, it indicates commitment from the project manager that this idea will eventually get implemented.

Never sidestep your own rules

If the task-in-progress limit gets applied stringently, then you may get tempted to evade your own rules. This will instead pack lots of information in every item. Avoid that!


Tips for Chronic Illness Community on How to Handle the Pandemic Fear

People with preexisting health issues and chronic illnesses are at high risk to contract COVID-19. With all the news about coronavirus affecting the elderly and those with the susceptible immune system makes you concerned. Your thoughts are all mixed ranging from anxiety to protecting your body from this novel virus to fear of what can happen if you get infected.

You do your best to protect yourself like reduce social contact and distance yourself from the outside world. However, you can even have COVID19 supplies for emergencies like a KN95 respiratory mask or a cloth face mask, necessary prescribed medication supply, 3-week food supply, water purifier or water boiler, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Navigating life through a pandemic can make your emotions surge, but you need to manage the moments with caution.

Tips to handle pandemic fear and manage a calm life

Discuss with your doctor

Contact your own doctor to find out about the precautions you need to take or is it safe for social contact or how to prepare for probable long-term isolation. Your doctor is well-aware of your chronic illness and will advise you to add supplements for fortifying your already compromised immune system.

Never believe in speculation and hypotheses other people provide or even your own! 

Stay connected

Vulnerable to contracting coronavirus does not mean you need to live separate from family and friends. Isolation is scary and the last thing one desires is to feel lonely. Fortunately, there are many ways you can stay connected to remote rooms or areas. You can connect with friends via video chat, social media, text or phone.

You can even connect with chronic illness communities and share this challenge. Virtually talk about your feelings and doubts or what scares you most even if they are funny or mundane things.

Helping others is a way to feel useful and connected in this difficult situation!

Accept how you feel

Some people even though they experience anxiety and fear show they are tuned out and numb. It is normal to have fluctuated feelings ranging from fear to calm and even anxious once again. Everyone is trying to protect themselves as best as they can, which gets displayed in the form of fear or detachment.

Thinking about the worst scenarios or reminding yourself not to panic is both functions of your brain. The brain is trying to avert your mind from the crushing emotions you experience.

It is normal to feel the fluctuations in emotional response!

Do exercise

Regular physical movements are crucial for the chronic illness community. Even though you cannot go to the gym or walk in the park, you can do a chair exercise or walk in one place. Many such exercises for the elderly and even people with health issues are available on YouTube. Whenever you feel stressed out do some workout sessions in the open balcony or garden space. Make sure to maintain social distancing.

You feel energetic and optimistic!

Associate with things you had enjoyed in the past

It is time to watch the movie you missed or read a book or bake cookies or enjoy music. A shift in doing things you enjoyed in the past seems small on paper but it will make a huge difference.

It makes you feel good!


How To Choose The Best Hosting Company For Your Business


To many businesses, the selection of a hosting provider firm is a daunting task. This can be quite confusing for those who do not know about hosting. You need to learn about the features that your business needs and accordingly compare with other hosting firms.

To help you make an informed decision, we have come up with the most important factors that would help you choose a perfect web hosting service provider firm for your business.


Depending on the features, hosting service providers come with varying hosting plans such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. You need to make a list of features that you expect in a hosting company and based on that find the ideal plan that meets your requirements.

Some hosting companies also offer free plans wherein they provide only basic features and services. Such plans generally do not provide security features and support to its customers.

AliveBetter is a leading place to choose from more than forty best WordPress plugins (2020) that are widely used in websites. It offers you a wide assortment of the most essential plugins that you must implement on your websites and blogs based on the WordPress platform.

Technical Support

Another important feature to consider when selecting the best hosting company is technical support. You need to select a company that offers you a dedicated, and friendly level of customer care.

There can arise situations when your website gets crashed all of a sudden. In those scenarios, you would require the assistance of a hosting company that offers you 24*7*365 technical assistance through the common communication channels such as phone support, email, message, live chat, etc. and bring your website to a normal working state.

Client Reviews

Client reviews tell you a lot of hidden insights that none of the company members can tell you. These are the reviews from the past clients who have availed the services of the company. You will get some valuable and unbiased information about the level of technology and infrastructure they use, their professionalism, support, price, etc.

Email Features

A business needs dedicated email addresses to use for carrying out several types of business activities. A hosting company is the one who would provide you these addresses. So, when you are choosing a web hosting service provider, it is very much essential to check about the obtainability of email addresses.

Check about their automated responding abilities of email addresses. The firm that you choose should have an adequate solution to stop spam issues such as spam comments, messages, links, etc.

Add-Ons and Features

The next important thing that you need to look for in a hosting company is the features that they would offer to meet the varying goals of your business website. This can be unlimited add-on domains, security features, free trial/money back policy, etc.


A wrong selection of web hosting providers can result in a costly mistake and can make your business suffer from frequent or unending downtime. This can be damaging to the operation of your business. To save your business from such consequences, it is required that you keep the above factors in mind at the time of selecting the hosting company.


How to Connect with Your Clients during Quarantine

CEOs put on their best smiley face

It’s difficult to provide good customer service when customers can’t come to you. Here are some ways you can still reach your clientele during a quarantine.

Email and Phone

No matter what size your business is, you should have a way of contacting your most loyal customers. Whether it’s by phone or email, you can use this time to reach out to them and let them know that you are there for them, and will be continuing to provide the customer service they’ve come to know and expect from your brand.

A text message to let them know about hour changes, an email wishing them good health, or an electronic coupon for your business’ website are all ways you can connect with customers who can’t come in to your store.


Since many people cannot travel, now is the time to offer a delivery service. If you or your employees feel comfortable delivering your products directly to your customer’s houses, that can be a good solution for both parties. That way you do not have to come into physical contact with each other, avoid shipping fees, and still supply them with the merchandise they need.

Another option is to offer free shipping. You can do this with your regular sales and online sales as well. Many internet sites are offering free shipping through the month of April and it is proving to be a great incentive. Make sure your profit will still put you in the black and decide whether or not offering free shipping on all products is viable, or if you will need to have some weight, size, or price restrictions.

Video and Social Media

A more personal way to connect with your customers is to visit them via a video message. You can film these yourself, or work with a company that has experience in video production in NYC. Whether it’s a professionally done announcement, or an amateur Facebook live video, a personal touch, honesty, and compassion are very important elements for consumers to see from your business right now.

Besides working with companies for video production in NYC you can also engage with your audience through interactions on social media. Post useful information about how they can stay healthy, have an online poll for fun about your company, host a live quiz chat about your brand, or upload a craft project of your mascot they can print off at home. Let this period of time spur you and your employees to creativity as you find new ways to connect with your clients, even during a quarantine.