How to Connect with Your Clients during Quarantine

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It’s difficult to provide good customer service when customers can’t come to you. Here are some ways you can still reach your clientele during a quarantine.

Email and Phone

No matter what size your business is, you should have a way of contacting your most loyal customers. Whether it’s by phone or email, you can use this time to reach out to them and let them know that you are there for them, and will be continuing to provide the customer service they’ve come to know and expect from your brand.

A text message to let them know about hour changes, an email wishing them good health, or an electronic coupon for your business’ website are all ways you can connect with customers who can’t come in to your store.


Since many people cannot travel, now is the time to offer a delivery service. If you or your employees feel comfortable delivering your products directly to your customer’s houses, that can be a good solution for both parties. That way you do not have to come into physical contact with each other, avoid shipping fees, and still supply them with the merchandise they need.

Another option is to offer free shipping. You can do this with your regular sales and online sales as well. Many internet sites are offering free shipping through the month of April and it is proving to be a great incentive. Make sure your profit will still put you in the black and decide whether or not offering free shipping on all products is viable, or if you will need to have some weight, size, or price restrictions.

Video and Social Media

A more personal way to connect with your customers is to visit them via a video message. You can film these yourself, or work with a company that has experience in video production in NYC. Whether it’s a professionally done announcement, or an amateur Facebook live video, a personal touch, honesty, and compassion are very important elements for consumers to see from your business right now.

Besides working with companies for video production in NYC you can also engage with your audience through interactions on social media. Post useful information about how they can stay healthy, have an online poll for fun about your company, host a live quiz chat about your brand, or upload a craft project of your mascot they can print off at home. Let this period of time spur you and your employees to creativity as you find new ways to connect with your clients, even during a quarantine.

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