Backlog Management Issues and Tips to Keep It Lean

The backlog management process allows the project manager to add, adjust, nurture, and prioritize the backlog items. It ensures that the result offers customer satisfaction. In Agile technology, the backlog is the key tool that helps in project management and prediction.

A lengthy backlog causes frustration because it has lots of information, which is irrelevant and unmanageable. Therefore, it ultimately gets abandoned. Teams will recourse through a volatile sprint planning structure, which will make them lose vision of long-term goals. They will end-up in the task-focused environment. It is easy to think of what is to be done now instead of what needs to be achieved shortly.

Issues caused by an excessive lengthy backlog

  • Maintenance cost – Queues lead to blindness as it appears to be an insurmountable task. Therefore, the entire fat backlog becomes outdated.
  • Value reduction – Backlog with thousands of items becomes insignificant. A big backlog feels like a trash bin. All the work needs to be done but it never does.
  • Inhibited innovation – Reorganizing a lengthy backlog is a chore. Innovative ideas get added in the end or front of the backlog. Adding in front means the whole backlog is invalidated, which at the end means they will not get done.

Backlog management is necessary for accelerating project success. PlanStreet offers a scalable backlog board in Agile. The Kanban board allows users to see their existing and future sprints in sequential order.

How to improve backlog size?

Appoint only one person to take responsibility for the backlog of an only-one team and external stakeholders. The person has to be familiar with the project as well as the power to take decisions related to their assigned backlog without consulting others.

Create a realistic strategy

Create a strategy on backlog management and remember to include your team in the process. Every team member needs to contribute and consistently take part in the process to keep the backlog fresh. The backlog is the roadmap and vision of the project, which everyone needs to be familiar with.

Even use online Gantt chart software to collaborate with everyone involved in the project. It is a tool that offers transparency and clarity among team members.

Make decisions

Contain yourself from adding every idea that pops in your mind on the Scrum board. Ponder on it for more than a week and if still, you find it worthy add it to the backlog. Even consider one in and one out practice, when you find you are nearing the task-in-progress limitation setting. It is hard to remove items but having the capability is a crucial trait for project managers.

Work with age-limit funnel

Project and team backlog can be categorized into several phases or sections, where the limit set for task-in-progress is hard to implement as the time gets closer. A simple way is to dedicate one backlog section to new ideas, whereas the other portion to ideas that are thoroughly groomed and constrained in size.

The new ideas must have an age limit, so those that don’t get prioritized can vanish overtime without swamping this section. When ideas get transferred to the groomed section, it indicates commitment from the project manager that this idea will eventually get implemented.

Never sidestep your own rules

If the task-in-progress limit gets applied stringently, then you may get tempted to evade your own rules. This will instead pack lots of information in every item. Avoid that!


What Kind Of Benefits Does Cloud Computing Provide

Cloud computing has been a popular computing service for the past two decades. Cloud computing provides business efficiencies, competitive advantages, and cost benefits. In this digital world, it has become increasingly hard for individuals and companies to keep all their important information and systems running on local physical computer servers.

Cloud computing works similar to web-based email clients where you can access your files and features of the system without having to keep large amounts of servers to store all of the data. Some common cloud computing services we use are Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are thinking of upgrading your business model by relying on cloud computing then you can seek professional help. Romexsoft is a Ukrainian cloud and software engineering service providing company. They assist you in cloud application development using the Java programming language.  They provide you with a team of certified developers, testers, architects, SysOps and DevOps engineers who will work with you to help you meet your goals.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The following are some reasons why cloud computing is a better option in comparison to the traditional use of servers.

  • Cost Saving: Accessing your files and data on a cloud server is easy which removes any additional costs. Furthermore, it has a pay-as-you-go system where you pay only for features that you need such as added data storage space.
  • Security: Your cloud-based system is carefully monitored by your cloud host, which is more efficient than your in-house security system. The cloud has additional security by the encryption of data that is being shared through various networks and stored in databases. The encryption makes data less accessible and only accessible to authorized to specific personnel.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based services are more flexible as they can adapt to changes immediately. Any updates such as an increase in bandwidth can be changed instantly instead of going through any complex method to update your system.
  • Mobility: Cloud computing allows you to access your data via any kind of devices such as smartphones and laptops. You can access it through any part of the world, making it convenient for frequent travelers and freelance employees.
  • Insight: Cloud-based storage solutions provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your data which can help you in analyzing past and future trends. You can increase your efficiency and build plans to meet future goals.
  • Increased collaboration: If you need a team to be working on any project then cloud computing helps the team members access the same data and information from any location. They can simultaneously work on the same project from different places.
  • Quality control: In a cloud-based system, all the data is stored in one place and in one format. Furthermore, files that are accessible by anyone can be checked by anyone to prevent any error and make any kind of updates.
  • Disaster recovery: In comparison to local servers, cloud-based services provide fast data recovery in a crisis situation within four hours or less.


The above-mentioned points show why updating your company’s IT system to cloud-based systems can be beneficial for you. However, make sure you get professional consultation and help to fulfill your needs.

Data Recovery Software

Best Data Recovery Software

Sometimes you get so frustrated with yourself because you’ve deleted some files or some content, being freckle mind. And then you feel like going back in time and you swear to not repeat that mistake ever again. What if we tell you there is easy- to -use solution which can restore files that are accidentally deleted from your computer, you won’t believe. Right?  But it’s true.

There is excellent file recovery software which can be downloaded free from an online portal which is EaseUS and it is useful for all types of computer and mobile gadgets.  The EaseUS data recovery software is easy to use software and can recover the data from, all devices such as Personal computer, digital cameras, Android Phones, memory cards, hard drives flash drives and USB. Three easy steps to use it are as under

  • Installing  EaseUS program After we download software free through online portal we install it following all the subsequent easy step wise instructions which appear on the screen. The installation is smooth and then the software is ready to use. We should save it in safe drive. So that it does not get lost in case the computer crashes down due to some hardware issue or virus attack etc.
  • Scanning the computer In the second step of recovery process, the EaseUS  free data recovery software will scan the entire partition and the screen will show time left for the whole scan .Some time if file lost is not long ago means two three days ago only then  we go for quick scan which recover all the files including recycle bin recovery. On the other hand if the file lost happened long time back then we go for deep scan. Deep scan thoroughly check  all the sectors of the location so selected and take much longer time and it display the warning that device should not be switched off or run short of power at any cost . This scan should not be interrupted at any cost.
  • Preview and recover Towards the end the entire scan result is displayed on monitor.  Here we have the complete detail of system scan .All the files and folders are shown along with size of file, date and type of file. In the left side of screen there is directory of files and folders and the right most part of the screen displays the entire information about the selected file in the center screen. We have the option to go for the preview and recover only those files which are essential for the smooth functioning of device. Rest of the files can be discarded to save the space in the computer.

After the complete run of the scan by EaseUS data to recover deleted files the device is expected to run without any hassle.  One can find several positive reviews of this software given by the hundreds of individual users and also by different websites also explaining the technical specifications. It is one of the best data recovery software which does not cost a penny to the users.


Patentability Of Software Still Under Discussion In Courts

Everyone uses software and, to a large extent, most companies have a stake in creating unique custom software to meet their needs. This applies to enterprises which run mainframe-class computers with an army of programmers, to website programmers for small companies, as well as app developers. There is contestability as to whether the resulting program or app could be patented or not. The debate is ongoing in different countries and in the courts.

There are a lot of patent trolls who have made money without putting in the work to create a program. They buy the rights to software from companies that have gone or are going bankrupt. They then go to court and assert that bigger companies are using software that infringes on their patent rights.

What is at the heart of this issue is the concept of software patents. In most countries in the world, especially in European ones, software cannot be patented per se. Programs for computers are not inherently patentable. In 2015, the Unified Patent Court was established and the body sorts out which applications for patents are to be allowed. The contention is that an invention that is useful for business, or gives an edge to the developing company may be patentable if it solves a technical problem.

Some countries within Europe have their own interpretation of their law. Germany flat out opposes software patents. The United Kingdom follows the line from the European Patent Convention that software may be patented if it also solves a technical problem. By this definition, business and productivity software are not patentable, however, a program which innovates an industrial process, can be patented.

The United States does not have that distinction. Instead, the courts decide on the patentability and patent ownership after it has been brought to the court. The main criteria for judging is whether or not the innovation being presented within the software presents a novel approach which is unique and cannot be easily replicated by other programmers.

This has led to patent trolls going after regular companies and especially startups, and extorting money from these developers; otherwise they would end up in court. Small companies and developers are forced to pay up the nominal fees instead of fighting in court, because a court case would take away time and resources, which they do not have.

In the past few years, there have been efforts to make the courts realise that software should not be patented. There are campaigns, which aim to bring this up as a matter of legislation. However, there are still some cases where patents for software are being awarded for some specific cases. In these isolated cases, appeals have awarded the patent owner some form of victory as the cases are sent back to lower courts for re-trial.

There are many reasons for the re-trial, principally, that the solution presented by the software is not something which is generic. The programs concerned were meant to solve specific problems, and had unique cases and methods, besides involving the development of algorithms that are beyond the creative ability of other companies.