How Chatbots Can Enhance Your Different Business Zones?

On many websites, you see a little box popping up on the right-hand corner of your computer screen asking ‘Can I help you’. It is a chat window intended to answer questions anytime. These are popular as chatbots, where customers can type their queries and get answers in a few seconds. Customers don’t need to wait for a live person to return from a bathroom or lunch break. Chatbots offer customers instant gratification and they come back again and again.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs designed to interact and engage with people’s messages automatically. They are programmed to interact in a way that fits the situation. Besides the customer service department, intelligent chatbots can enhance important business areas.

Business areas chatbots can enhance

Human resources

Human resource department works energetically because chatbots do mundane tasks like

  • Scheduling interviews
  • Filtering the resumes
  • Validate the credentials
  • Choose suitable candidates for an interview

The HR staff is free to handle the candidate’s interview, judge their professionalism and attitude, as well as determine if they are suitable for the business culture. After the candidate gets selected the chatbots help in the onboard process including lengthy paperwork automation.

The new employee feels relaxed as they don’t need help from fellow working in their initial stage. It helps them settle in quickly, keenly, and confidently without wasting time. Handling responsibilities becomes easy.


Chatbots can affect the sales department optimistically. It can collect information about a customer, which the sales team can use to make a suitable pitch. Based on chatbox interaction, the sales team can gauge customer’s interest, suggest products, and lead them through the sales funnel successfully.

Awareness can be brought regarding specific products based on customers’ searches on your website. Chatbox can be customized to wait for some time until the customer browses around and then pop up asking basic question ‘Can I help you?’


Chatbox is capable to personalize the entire communication experience. This makes the customer’s visit more pleasurable and memorable. The majority of chatbots are on social media channels, so the reach is limitless.

New customers can be reached via tapping a new demographic you were unaware of. It helps to expand your marketing to those audiences who were not included earlier.

How to use chatbots?

Company chatbots can help you become more efficient but how will you use them. Chatbots can be used on your business website or social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. People visiting your site have a wide knowledge of the services or products you offer.

Social media differ in demographics, so you will have to do some research to get a good understanding of everyone. The bots will need to be programmed, accordingly.

Chatbots to be used on your website are different than the ones you will be using on social media sites.


10 Factors To Consider When Buying A Bodycam

The use of bodycams has completely shaken up the British and American policing systems, with forces across both countries widely adopting the technology as a means of better protecting police and the public alike, but what factors need to be considered when weighing up a purchase?

1. Placement

Chest-mounted is popular and there are also shoulder, helmet and eyewear versions. No model will capture everything, so you may wish to trial different versions for your needs and see which performs best.

2. Recording past events

Different models will have different buffer speeds, which is useful for officers who attend a scene mid-progress. Look for rapid access and switch-on features.

3. How easy they are to use

Body worn cameras from manufacturers such as must be easy to turn on and off and allow easy video download and storage.

4. Comfort and durability

Body cameras need to be tough and robust enough to stand up to heavy frontline duty. Make sure the model you choose is light to wear.

5. Metadata

Choose a model that stores metadata such as date and time as minimum. You want the body camera to record as much about the scene as possible for future reference.

6. Data formats

Standard video formats are important to avoid conversion issues. Look for a model that uses the same video file standards as mobile phones. This avoids the need for time-consuming conversion later, which can delay access and impact the detail of the video.

7. Check for encryption

This is vital for protecting sensitive data at the final stage. Check for internal processes and standards if you are purchasing the cameras for a corporate purchase. Particularly for police forces, encryption is essential for compliance and to ensure that videos are admissible as evidence.

8. Factor in all costs

Consider the additional costs, such as support, training, video evidence storage and management. This is necessary because the cost of a bodycam system will always be more than the initial purchase alone.

9. Consider IT support

If you don’t have in-house support, what does the vendor company offer for the ongoing management of hardware, storage and software?

10. Ask for a trial

If you are planning a large-scale purchase, the vendor will typically allow you to trial the system for a period of time beforehand.


Some Telltale Signs That Your Laptop Is In Trouble And Needs Immediate Repair

In this technology era, laptops are specially designed to assists less damage, but even so, you will need to repair at some point. With laptops and computers increasingly an important part of everyone’s lives, life without these machines is beyond imagination. A day without laptops can indeed be as bad as a day without the necessities of life.

With time, your laptop is going to slow down, as it’s just a fact of life. Although, there are many things that you can do to screen repair your laptop on your own. If you don’t have any knowledge about the laptop parts and how to repair, some issues must be left to the professionals. To avoid the minor problems from turning into significant serious issues, take your laptop for repair at the first sign of trouble. It’s pretty obvious when your computer is already damaged, but what are symptoms should you look forward to seeing if it’s about to break.

Check out the below-mentioned signs to learn the warning signs which indicate the urgent need for immediate professional laptop repairs.


It’s normal for the laptop to make a little bit of sound as it’s booting up, but strange and loud sounds could a sure sign of a significant laptop problem. So, don’t overlook these peculiar noises coming from your laptop because if you leave this issue unattended, it could get worse.


If your laptop is taking a very long time to boot up or if it starts making more slowly than it usually works it may be a clear indication of a software malfunction. Other warning signs of software malfunction include constant changes and nonfunctional icons to the operating system. Thankfully, most new computers and laptops come with a warranty period, so get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible.


It’s essential to make sure that your laptop always stays cool at all time.  One of the first things to do when your laptop starts overheating is get a cooling pad. Check your laptop and remove anything that might block the fans or vents. It’s better to call an expert to check your laptop if continues to heat after using the cooling pad. It could be a significant sign that something is wrong inside the laptop.


If you have noticed that some of the important files are missing then yes it’s a virus on your laptop. You can try to search those important files in a search bar, but if you could not then the virus has them. In such case, you should take your laptop to one of the best local laptop service providers.


So these were some signs that display that your laptop is in trouble and needs immediate repair. If you are in Miami, and your laptop is no longer functional, it’s time to call same day laptop repair services. Let professionals fix your problem.


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