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Partnering with Other Businesses to Achieve Success

If your business could use a boost, it may be time to find a production partner. That way you can meet customer demands and keep your operations efficient.

Human Resources

One of the ways you may want to consider partnering with another third party company is when it comes to human resources. Hiring, training, and firing staff can take up valuable time, and if you are a small start up company, you may not have the insurance, benefits, or even salary to accommodate a workforce yet. 

That is when you can work with an outsourced staffing agency like a phone answering service. You pay a flat monthly rate, and they provide you with virtual teleworkers that can answer your incoming phone line, take messages, and more. If you want to have someone in-house you can always work with a local temp agency. Once again, you pay the company, and the employee technically works for the temp agency and not your corporation. You can always hire a team member permanently once your business has the necessary benefits, insurance, and other HR considerations needed to maintain staff. 


Sometimes the juggling act of supply and demand can be overwhelming. If you find yourself swamped with orders and struggling to make inventory, it can be a good idea to find a production partner. If customers continually are turned away, their shipments delayed, or know that you will always be out of stock, it can damage your reputation, and cause you to loose valuable sales and client accounts as they eventually take their business elsewhere. 

However, when you work with another company to help produce the stock you need, it is a win-win. They get your business, and you get to stay in business. It can also lead to faster turnaround and increased customer satisfaction. Choose your production company carefully, and make sure your profit margins are healthy. 


If the services your business provides aren’t tangible, but still invaluable, you can work with a white label web hosting company. Much like working with a production partner, they make the services, like white label email hosting, and you get to provide those to your paying customers.

This can be a great way to take some of the time, energy, and guesswork out of formulating complicated scripts, so you can focus on establishing your brand. From white label email hosting to working with a phone answering service, there are several ways you can partner with other businesses to achieve success for your own.

Web Hosting

Checklist Before Selecting Your Web Host

If you have missed our last blog on the three most important parameters of selecting a web host, then you can read the same by clicking here. Now that you are well aware of those three criterias, let us take a look at the other important parameters that you need to check in order to select the right web host for your website.

Tech Support

Most web designers and managers ignore this, but let me tell you the importance of a tech support team when choosing a web host. And the reason I’m telling you this information is because I too have suffered a great deal by choosing the wrong web host. So just imagine, that your site is suddenly down for some unknown reason. At this point most of us panic. Even if you don’t,  I did. At that time, if you have tech support, then at least you can call someone and get to know the reason your website is down. In most cases these guys help you to get your site back online and even if they aren’t able to do it themselves they inform you about the reason. In times of distress, it is a real lifesaver. However, you must be wary about the web hosting providers that outsource their customer support.


When you are about to pay for the package you have selected, wait a minute and think of the reason as to why this web hosting company is so unique. Also, you need to ponder on the points on the add-on services that they provide. There are many add-on services that any good web hosting company offers, it includes:

  • Energy Saving Hosting aka Green Hosting
  • Multiple DataCentres
  • Data Backup
  • Domain Privacy and many more attractive offers.

So, if you come across a company that offers the services you need then it is an indicator that you need to opt for such a company.

User Interface

In all honesty, no one likes to call customer service support and follow their instructions when doing even the simplest of jobs. So an easy to use and the well-customized control panel is a must when you are selecting a web host. Trust me when I say this, you do not need to hire someone to manage your website if it is hosted with a good web host. If your web host provides you with cPanel or even Plesk, then you can do the jobs like installing WordPress, or set up an email account with your company’s domain name with ease. However, not every web host does the same and unless you are tech savvy, or you are planning to hire a team just to manage your website, it is advisable that you go for a host that provides a cPanel user interface.

There are other features that you can consider while narrowing down the options. If you intend to know about them, if you are confused between 2 or 3 web host providers, then you can check them here.