Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android: The people revolves around the world with the internet. Finding information from anywhere is now made easy with the internet connection. Everyone will be happy if they get free internet to surf the web. But not all of them know how to get it. Any Android smartphone users with Airtel network can avail this offer for free. The best way to get free internet is by Opera Mini Handler as it will give you the flexibility of using the browser. Opera Mini Handler for Android lets you use free internet by modifying the server address or proxy address according to your network. Of you are a 3G user, then get free internet via Opera Mini Handler. Now you will get a question about what this Opera Mini handler is? Get into the article to download Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android and know what it is. Also, get the features and installation guide of Opera Mini Handler Apk.

Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

What is Opera Mini Handler?

Opera Mini Handler is a browser that helps you to customise its proxy and HTTP headers with the help of customization, and you can able to use the free internet if you use correct settings. Opera Mini Handler is some loophole, and it leaks internet data for the proxy servers. It is called a server-based method and is unknowingly used by many numbers of users. These loopholes are the reason by which people get free internet data usage.

Opera Mini Handler is a coded and modified app of the Opera Mini web browser. However, Opera Mini browser is developed to use the internet at low data consumption whereas the handler is used to change the setting of the network to access the internet for free. If the setting gets matched with the network provider, then Opera Mini Handler will start to access free internet, and you can use free internet through the app quickly.

Requirement To Get Free Internet

There are some basic requirements to get free internet on your Android device.

  • Primarily all you need is an Android phone.
  • Opera Mini Handler Apk file.
  • An Airtel Sim card with a 2G/3G/4G sim slot.
  • Have zero balance in your Sim.

How to Download & Install Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android 

Follow the below steps to download and install Opera Mini Handler Apk for your Android smartphones.

Step 1: You have to download Opera Mini Handler by clicking the above link. Next, you have to install it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Ensure if you have the Unknown Sources option checked in. i.e., Go to Settings -> Security -> Enable the Unknown Sources

Step 3: After enabling it, tap on the Opera Mini Handler Apk file to start its installation on your Android device.

Step 4: Now open the Opera Mini Handler app and go to the settings.

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Follow the below-mentioned settings and use free unlimited data service on Android.

Settings of the Opera Mini Handler App for Airtel operator:

  • Create a new APN by Airtelgprs.com.
  • Type as in the space for the Proxy.
  • Type in 80 in the empty area for the Port.
  • You are required to enter the child code once you open Opera Mini handler app. Enter ‘www.nextwap.net’ there.
  • The Settings screen will be opened. Follow any of the steps to modify your Settings.

set Proxy Type as HOST [or] HTTP

set Proxy Server as one.airtellive.com:8080/ 


Proxy type: Real Host

Put buddies.airtelmoney.in in proxy server



Frontquery: airtelgurus.in/cgi-bin/nph-.cgi/ihi/http/
Proxy type: realhost
Proxy: airtelgurus.in


Primary Server: One.airtel.in/net

secondary server: One.airtel.in/net

Click on the save button. That’s it, and you have successfully customised Opera Mini Handler app to get free internet from Airtel network on your Android phone.

Opera is also available for

You can also download Opera for other devices,

Screenshots of Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

Opera Mini Handler Apk for Android

Thank you for reading the post. Hope the article gave useful information to you. For any queries about Opera Mini Handler, please comment us below.