Patentability Of Software Still Under Discussion In Courts

Everyone uses software and, to a large extent, most companies have a stake in creating unique custom software to meet their needs. This applies to enterprises which run mainframe-class computers with an army of programmers, to website programmers for small companies, as well as app developers. There is contestability as to whether the resulting program or app could be patented or not. The debate is ongoing in different countries and in the courts.

There are a lot of patent trolls who have made money without putting in the work to create a program. They buy the rights to software from companies that have gone or are going bankrupt. They then go to court and assert that bigger companies are using software that infringes on their patent rights.

What is at the heart of this issue is the concept of software patents. In most countries in the world, especially in European ones, software cannot be patented per se. Programs for computers are not inherently patentable. In 2015, the Unified Patent Court was established and the body sorts out which applications for patents are to be allowed. The contention is that an invention that is useful for business, or gives an edge to the developing company may be patentable if it solves a technical problem.

Some countries within Europe have their own interpretation of their law. Germany flat out opposes software patents. The United Kingdom follows the line from the European Patent Convention that software may be patented if it also solves a technical problem. By this definition, business and productivity software are not patentable, however, a program which innovates an industrial process, can be patented.

The United States does not have that distinction. Instead, the courts decide on the patentability and patent ownership after it has been brought to the court. The main criteria for judging is whether or not the innovation being presented within the software presents a novel approach which is unique and cannot be easily replicated by other programmers.

This has led to patent trolls going after regular companies and especially startups, and extorting money from these developers; otherwise they would end up in court. Small companies and developers are forced to pay up the nominal fees instead of fighting in court, because a court case would take away time and resources, which they do not have.

In the past few years, there have been efforts to make the courts realise that software should not be patented. There are campaigns, which aim to bring this up as a matter of legislation. However, there are still some cases where patents for software are being awarded for some specific cases. In these isolated cases, appeals have awarded the patent owner some form of victory as the cases are sent back to lower courts for re-trial.

There are many reasons for the re-trial, principally, that the solution presented by the software is not something which is generic. The programs concerned were meant to solve specific problems, and had unique cases and methods, besides involving the development of algorithms that are beyond the creative ability of other companies.

Social Media

How Sports Teams Should Use Social Media?

Social media is obviously important these days and everyone is counting on Twitter and Facebook for their social interactions. Smart mobile devices could put a good deal of information in our hand, nearly as fast as it happen. As a result, social media could also be used for sports-related purposes. Many sports fans want to get information on long-awaited games right away. A good way to make this happen is by distributing information through online sources. Any sports team could benefit from proper uses of social media marketing. Fans will be grateful when they could direct information. If properly used, social media could bring people closer to the games, instead of keeping them away. The advances of digital technology are bringing people closer and closer to things related to sports. People who are reading latest tweets from sports team could get information faster than from traditional media outlets. They could become part of the action, without being present in the stadium.

Using social media for sports-related activities shouldn’t be difficult. The first we need to is to find someone who can be in charge of the entire. The person should be comfortable with using social media technology and its related devices. Amateur teams will need a volunteer, but a professional team could need multiple employees who focus entirely on social media management and engagement. There are dozens of possible social media services to use, but in any case, it is better to focus on the big three, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook is a highly versatile platform that can be used by people of all ages. Sports team could create an account to create pages and groups. Once pages are created, the team should encourage supporters to “Like” it. They should also be encouraged to send out suggestions to their friends. It won’t take long before the team gets a large number of followers. However, we shouldn’t overdo it, it is a bad idea to spam followers with repeated messages with similar content.

Twitter is the next website that we need to focus on. It is essentially a platform to provide continuous updates through a single sentence at a time, instead of a whole article. Twitter is useful when we want to update followers with latest information, such as scores and other details. It is also possible to add pictures about the game.

Although Facebook allows us to upload videos, it isn’t optimized for video-viewing. YouTube is useful if we want to publish short clips or even a whole match. Other than showing highlights of the game, we could also provide videos of practice sessions and interviews with players. These three social platforms can be integrated. As an example, we could show YouTube videos on Facebook pages or copy YouTube link on Twitter. Although we can keep clips short to keep supporters wanting more, it is also a good idea to keep them happy by publishing hour-long recording of previous matches.


Best Ways To Prepare For Attending Gaming-Versions

Do you want your hands-on the latest gaming release? Well, in this case taking preparation for updated game-releases is of greater importance and thus you should definitely concentrate on the same. First of all, you should get a fair knowledge about the gaming details and then only you can decide that whether you can comfortably carry-on with the game or not. If you find any difficulties then try to get them resolved faster so that you can play the game smoothly and conveniently without any kind of hindrances.

Best Ways to Prepare for Latest Games:

  • Techniques should be practiced on a regular basis in order to brush-up your skills. If you are absolutely clear with the base-knowledge then you will definitely be able to learn the advanced ones easily. Online-guides can also be followed in this respect in order to understand the gaming techniques well. This suggestion actually works great especially for beginners.
  • Old-versions can be played again and again in order to hold-back the interests for playing next or advanced stages. This is how a consistent excitement-level can be maintained which can be carry-forwarded to the advanced stage. If you are interested in any specific games, then you should keep track on the updates of those games only in order to acquire specialization. This is because it is not possible to keep updates about all sorts of games available in the market.
  • You should enhance your knowledge on gaming-development and this is needed for preparing for the latest game release. You can contact with the gaming-developers in order to get the necessary updates. Gameplay previews, character development and other related ones need to be taken into consideration.  The gaming-updates can be now easily detected from the setting-changes and thus you should try to know about those changes first and then only you will be able to operate the updated-versions smoothly.
  • Listening towards sound-track can be one of the best way-outs in this regard. Immersive game-experience can be acquired with the sound-tracks. This is the reason before game-release; soundtracks are being released so that the attention of the interested gamers can be attracted easily. These soundtracks help in experiencing the actual gaming thrill.
  • Read-out the available reviews in order to know about the latest gaming-updates. These reviews will cater you a detailed knowledge and this knowledge will definitely give you a greater support while playing the latest-versions. Gaming-details, playing strategies, playing techniques and other necessary details are usually being mentioned within these reviews. These reviews can be now easily available online and thus you will never face any difficulty in accessibility. Gaming list and some primary advantages of the games can also be discovered from these reviews.

The above ways can surely enable you in preparing for the latest game release. You should also include some DIY-efforts for getting better assistance. Press-releases reveal the launch-details of different advanced-versions of popular games and therefore you are requested following them for the sake of extracting necessary info.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Wizard Free To Recover Lost Data

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, free data recovery software, gives its users the best data recovery experience. You might have a question as how does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard work? Below mentioned are simple steps that can be used to recover your data.

Step 1: Launch the Program and Start a Scan

First user needs to download this program installer and then install on his or her computer. Care must be taken that you do not install it on the disk on which you have lost your data, otherwise the lost files and data will be difficult to recover.

  • Select Types of Lost Data: The First Page available for user is to select the type of file to be recovered. Various common file formats are broadly classified into 6 various categories in this option, that includes Graphic, Audio, Document, Video, Email and Other. All the categories are selected in default. If you want to search a typical file then you can select the same and that will improve the recovery and scan process time.
  • Select a Location to Start Finding Data: Next the user can select the location in which he or she wants the search operation to be performed. User can select the location like Desktop, Hard Disk Drives, and Lost Hard Disk Drives. If a partition is lost then the EaseUS data recovery software will read the partition tables and list all the deleted partition for its users to recover the data. This is an excellent feature provided for the end users.

Step 2: Scan Your Computer or Device

After selecting the required file types and the location, one can start the scanning process. The progress of the scanning can be seen on the progress bar. One can pause the scanning process or stop the same by making use of appropriate options as shown in image below. The software also provides the Estimated Remaining Time for the scanning process.

By clicking Deep Scan at the left bottom, our program will perform a new sector by sector scan, which will take longer than the first scan. Please be patient and do not interrupt it in the middle of the process if not necessary.

Step 3: Preview and Recover the Files

Finally user can preview the results of scan and recover the required files as required based on the preview. Please donot save the files into the drive or device where you lost the data.

Conclusion: We hope above information on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard was very much informative for our readers. We would glad to hear you in comments below.

After the preview or search, you can select the targeted files and press Recover button to recover and save them on your computer or storage device (Please DO NOT save the files into the drive or device where you lost the data).

Moreover, you can export the scan results by clicking Export Scan Status, and you can Import the scan results to perform another recovery without scanning again at any time by clicking Import Scan Status.


How To Improve The Design Of Your Blog?

For every content writer, quality of the content is the foremost consideration. However, beside the content quality, the design of the blog also pays a huge contribution in creating a lasting and memorable impression. Here are few tips to make sure you enhance your blog design for higher rankings.

Play well with whitespaces: Whitespace is that area of your content which surrounds your paragraph, text or media. These whitespaces gives a shape to the content and helps the reader to guide his way out. Any professional content writer, would try to create a perfect balance between the content and whites paces to generate a clean look for your blog. Moreover, these whitespaces will help to give a unique sense to separate sub headings.

Organize it well: No matter how hard content writing services try to create high quality content, user is not really going to read it word to word in detail, instead they would scan your blog o generate useful pieces and interesting paragraphs. Therefore, it is very important to format the blog to make it easier for the reader to probe the document easily. Therefore, bet way is to divide your content in to headings and sub headings. Keep the paras short and bold the popular terms or keywords. Balance the text size to make it no to large or too small to understand.

Choose a balanced color scheme: If you have make you blog a palate of random colors, it can bring the viewership down. Be very cautious and creative in designing the color thee of your blog. If you have added a wrong scheme of colors, it will make your blog way to ugly for consideration. For instance, if you want to highlight a certain section of your blog than better choose the color scheme minimal and utilize the bolded options or keep the desired lined in highlighted text form. However, on usual basis it is best to utilize 2 to 3 prime colors on aboard and make them go easy on eyes.

Keep your sidebar clean: An overly crowded sidebar will do nothing but confuse your reader further. An ideal sidebar would accommodate a search bar as a must have, a subscription form and social media connectivity along with categories and contact information.

Organized navigation tabs: organize your navigational tabs in a well-planned manner. This is because if you have organized your navigational panels well, it will help to guide the consumer appropriately. Therefore, first add the most important categories to display. However, the least important pages can be shift in drop menu box as sub pages.


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